Tennis racket design principles

Racket manufacturers are constantly developing new racket in technology, the production of new tennis racket, from the consumers pockets Taozou more money. The impact of new technology on the racket is not as obvious effect ad said. But for tennis racket materials, there was still a big change in role. It is a direct impact on the tennis racket change the size, shape and quality. Right racket testing and design principles of the racket is also the quality, appearance and comfort and so on have a major impact.

1. Tennis racket design principles
Racket design principles to a large extent dependent on the type and level of players high and low. Its principles, including power, handling, comfort and mechanical disturbances. In an ideal world, all of the racket is to maximize the pursuit of these targets, and ultimately chosen as the design of power and control to the most important indicator.

1.1 power
The first design principle is that "In order to force greater use of network cable." The cable be able to reply after being hit about 90% of the deformation energy, while a separate ball (on a hard surface, rebound) can only reply 45% of energy. In addition, the racket frame deformation energy does not respond promptly to the ball, increasing the energy of the ball, which means either a racket at the net line has been a shock to the maximum extent of deformation, deformation than the tennis or frame adds momentum. The 20th century, 70's, in the event of large racket, they began to restrict the use of cable-bed size principle. The current guiding principles of the network cable quality and the width of the maximum, in the framework of the two measurements inside. Later, bed size to maximize cable trying to focus on the adoption of the racket face square shape, rather than a simple circle. This has led to all the cable length is long, but there are structural constraints, the framework has become difficult to manufacture, strong enough, look and feel is not good. The last 10 years, many manufacturers have adopted a larger grommet to allow the effective size bed cable extends to the outside of the framework. Another factor affecting the quality of power distribution, although difficult to achieve optimal value of the mass distribution, but the principle is relatively simple, that is, light-fast swing the ball a license to increase the speed of the swing; while heavy racket swing slowly, but due to quality increases, can also lead to the ball is increased, especially if the increase in quality when added to the batting point is especially important. Thus, in the design of the racket, they need quality and small enough to be able to high-speed swing and hit, and also have sufficient quality so as to optimize the rebound characteristics of tennis.

1.2 handling
Has a high torsional stability of the framework of a small head and often have better control ability, because network lines and a smaller frame Deflection Angle. Deviate from the racket hitting the Center have a greater angle of deflection will result in tennis when they leave the network cable rebound angle is greater than the perfect smooth surface produced by the angle of rebound. This small difference could lead to game players in the game there is a greater mistake. High-performance anti-reverse makes the racket twist in the hands of smaller, and thus be more accurate point shot. In the separate cable to this point also have an impact on the handling, taking note of this point may be helpful to the manipulation. Distortion and good stability in order to create a small head around the need to increase the quality of the racket frame. More intensive cable leading to more efficient cable tension to reduce the angle of deviation, while reducing the rotation, which is more important for some participants.

1.3 Comfort
Every tennis player's comfort level on the use of the racket has its own different feelings, which makes the player feedback into practical design parameters very difficult. So far, the players attention focused on reducing the racket and the resulting impact on the swings. The more rigid ones previously used old-fashioned thumb racket players tend to have low compared to the seismic performance, so all kinds of additional experiments is used to provide additional seismic performance. The more rigid ones in the sound than the sound when you hit the majority of players do not like, it adopted the anti-vibration cord. The methods include reducing the impact of the racket hitting centers to center, and increase the quality of the ball box. And comfort-related factors include the surface finish, as well as racquet ball handle the handle parts of the materials, manufacturers have already have a very standard processes and methods.

1.4 mechanical failure
At a high level of competition used in the racket usually required are designed to be as much as possible within the scope of the long introduction of carbon fiber, so that racket in performance and intensity has undergone tremendous leap forward, the internal strength of the racket main problem with the film frame main body, heal the racket of the cutting-edge parts and the relevant part of the connection, here are the greatest from the net line of force, but most manufacturers in this area through reinforcement to resolve this problem. More efficient market for the quality of the racket as much as possible the needs of forcing manufacturers to improve their structural design, was formed to adapt to different conditions of impact of the racket type of complex and unique. Not too many in intensity by case, reduce the quality of most of the way is to use low levels of pre-impregnated resin material blank, with a smaller amount of paint layer and to provide the pressure to get rid of abrasive lining and expansion of materials. In the test, due to the non-normal load to bear, these rackets to demonstrate a very fragile because they are not designed for non-normal force conditions. This process is the key to the use of appropriate test methods to ensure that competition racket designed to meet the force when the situation.

1.5 for different consumer groups designed to
There is no one perfect for all athletes in the racket, because those who have different levels of play, playing styles are also different. As far as possible to develop different types of racket to adapt to different consumers.

Players began to play the quality of always using the smaller, getting face bigger ones. Professional players because they do not have the skill and strength, these players often he missed the ball. Great racket up for this shortfall, which make these players better able to control the ball, faster increase in the level, but also happier. He missed the ball when the torque is also more stable, which saves a lot of strength for the players, and the big bat means that great effort.





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