Allows you to struggle less 10 years of work experience

First: Do not think that to stay within a comfort zone in the heart can be forgiven.
Everyone has a comfort zone in this region is very self-confident, unwilling to be interrupted, unwilling to be push, and unfamiliar faces do not want to talk, unwilling to be accused of not willing to do things in accordance with the time limit, not are willing to take the initiative in caring for others, do not want to think about what other people did not expect. This student is very easy to understand, and sometimes even told the students that "hard-hearted" "personality" of these words detached, counted as a compliment. In contrast, however, at work, you must try our best to change this situation. Otherwise, you will quickly become a cocktail party, only the object can not be heard, or will soon because of pressure and endocrine disorders. However, if you can quickly break the period in which the students prior to the comfort zone, faster than the others handle the business, interpersonal, public relations, it will be able to quickly come to the fore.
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Second: Do not "as if"; "Some people will be ... ..."; "probably"; "late"; "or"; "maybe" or similar on the lips. In particular, and the higher the time to talk about work. I very much hate to hear the sentence: "I will later in this document to all of the people"; because it often indicates that I have to constantly remind him not to forget.
No. 3: Do not delay in the work
Many people like to learn and play the first choice among the latter, then a one-time rush at the last time to review what the test to complete surprise. But at work, do not develop such a habit, because work is never done, and does not allow you "surprise." Or, when you are wandering, and a loss how to implement the time, your leadership has been the shenanigans, and his effort. - This is a dangerous signal.
Fourth: Do not think that theoretically could be implemented and you're done!
This is too important, and often when the real people began to do the implementation of the plan is found only equal to that of a pack of lies. If you do not personally practice, so plan will be implemented sooner or later contempt. Will always need to upgrade their ability to do practical things, not words.
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Fifth: Do not let other people wait for you
Under no circumstances did not allow others to drop the work at hand to wait for you. In a university may only be a few people with the bedroom half-jokingly complained that their work is likely to lead to your loss of potential partners. You are doing a job at the same time to know the progress of others, but never backward.
Sixth: Do not think that detail is not important
At the university, there is often sloppy work, take a look at almost on the list. On the contrary, the essence of the enterprise where the management lies in the details of the simple things to do. A hurried search for safe movement on the likely key to the loss of your chief financial officer for promotion opportunities.
Seventh: Do not show too negative, just because you are doing is not your interest.
Obviously, the student, when do you like, we will pay200% of the energy to create, but if they are boring affairs, we will not bother to pay attention to, it is best to have ways to cope in the past. However, 80% of the work you have done things that are tedious and seemingly mechanical, if only for this purpose the performance of boredom, then you will be depressed longer. Want to know your boss has enough trouble for this project, you still want him to see your face do?
8th: Absolutely not to improve the ability to work alone on their faith in the corporate training
After a training of people is absolutely impossible to reborn. On the contrary, the collective training of the things learned are often the most without access to information. Like the cafeteria, like burning Da Guocai, the total is not your most want to eat vegetables, because by doing so easy and not easy to offend people. Many students are very value of the firm have not selected the training, which shows that you not only do not know this company what to do, you do not even know how to learn those skills.
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9th: Do not shirk its responsibility
Shirk responsibility is to fear conditioning. Do not think that other people do not see this point.





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