With a stunt override Federer Tennis

"One stroke fresh, eat around day", to a foothold in world tennis, the players must have a winning weapon is different from ordinary people, such as "Chile's artillery," Gonzalez hit a strong forehand, "the U.S. artillery "Roddick is like a rocket blasting generally strong serve, as well as former world No. 1 Henin-Hardenne's backhand slash just right, this is a fundamental foothold for their success. Then the men's singles world number one Roger Federer's winning weapon then what is it? Play, technology and comprehensive Federer can not, and whether there are other special skills Cheap Polo ?

Of course, the only weapon the Swiss winning backhand is not so obvious as now, one will be able to be detected, a strong will power - that is Federer's winning weapon. Federer, who bear the marks of countless records, is his rule, the best men's tennis to testify. Federer entered the professional tennis this year is the 13th year, his first position in the world of time, has accumulated to a staggering 266 weeks, 237 of which is occupied second consecutive week the top spot, ahead of his behind the Connors, 160 weeks, 157 weeks, and Lendl's. Over the past seven years,Air Max each season, Federer can be harvested for at least one Grand Slam trophy, at present Pete Sampras and Bjorn Borg is the Swiss will soon catch up with the object, the two predecessors had been for 8 years, Every year at least gain a Grand Slam trophy, of course, if conditions permit, this week, Federer will catch up with the pace of the two men. In addition to these, Federer's 15 Grand Slam trophy is also one more than Sampras.

Pete Sampras, Roger Federer, of course there's a need for catch-up record, the U.S. players who occupy the world's first as long as 286 weeks time, and if everything goes according to plan this season, which will be recorded in the mid-season change owners. But Federer exactly how to do to achieve this success? Talent is the only high hopes for him, and to look back and lost the Wimbledon in 2008 and the first in the world the first half of 2009 has been a new round of attacks against competitors, if not a strong willpower, 2009 Fader Le could not return to year-end No. 1. Federer's psychological guidance Pierre Paganini of which reveal the mystery. "On normal days of physical training to help him enhance the psychological endurance." Federer is also fully agree with this, "If you want to as long as possible to maintain peak condition, strengthen mental exercise is necessary Chaussures Nike Sport ."





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