Prince tennis rackets make you feel comfortable in the batter

Prince AirO Rock Racquet
Prince tennis racket only at 3,9 point location using O3 racquet technology can increase the sweet spot, combined with 100 film surface, there is more hitting power of .16 * 19 open-ended line of bed to make your back to the ball more strongly rotation. The Prince AirO Rock tennis racket for a good price in early middle player.

Prince Turbo Shark MP / OS Tennis Racket
Maria Sharapova in the Wimbledon match and the Gambier keep this shark after the pilot version of the racket. The performance of the most comprehensive racket suitable for all levels of male and female players from the use of 3.0-7.0. Dynamic Braided unique and innovative technology and Twin Morph Taper Beam so that users can freely combine the strength and ball. And comfortable hitting feel as carefree like a hot knife dripping butter. Shark also features a Prince number of advanced proprietary technology, to understand skin color handle very beautiful. The hands grip the racket the same time, the players can be used. Shark players to participate in the use of tests that: "Shark has a terrific feel and strength, good stability, both violent and can hit the ball well, sweet size appropriate for each shot to achieve the desired results. This is my tennis career, used the best one racket. "





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