Li Na, Zheng Jie brought into the quarter-finals

Tennis in China is, today it is creating a historic moment, Li Na beat Wo Zini Aceh, the first time that two Chinese female athletes at the same time to enter the Grand Slam quarter-finals, kicking up clouds of "The New York Times" by such a headline - "Two Chinese women also broke into the Australian Open quarter-finals." Another eight men, all the generation, gradually entered the high point of the Australian Open. Here the mainstream media to bring foreign Roundup:

The New York Times: Two Chinese women entered the Australian Open quarter-finals to tell the truth, this title is not an ordinary person of mine. Well, listen to what he says.

At first, the article is not a small space to a description of the appearance of today's four most important people - Australia's Lleyton Hewitt and Australia hope that the male athletes female athletes want to Si Tuose, unfortunately, hit the world on the 1st Roger Federer and Serena Williams, and then suddenly a new paragraph.

Who care about these four individuals, the Chinese people made history! The first time two women also broke into the last eight Grand Slam! Li Na, Zheng Jie's victory made her joined hands, for the first time in the last eight years take 1 / 4 of the seats, following his opponent would be Da-wei, but please note that only a confrontation between Williams lost to Li Na in 2008, when the Beijing Olympics. Article quoted Li's words, "this will not be easy, but you must first and Venus Williams fighting hand to hand, you can, and Serena fighting hand to hand..." Chinese woman journalist's pen in the United States imposing and vigorous figure-wai. . .

Official website: Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, "breaking point" full heat Davydenko

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga five-set shoot-out against Spaniard Almagro, the last one hit a 9 to 7. This was his career first played in five, is hard to imagine it, but it really is true. His next opponent is Novak Djokovic, this is a repeat of the 2008 Australian Open final.

Despite the grim face Fernando Verdasco reminiscent of actor Al Pacino, but he had the full heat of the "model worker" captured concede defeat. They both have a five-set battle, exhausted after the match that he could rival the model worker joked, "I know to a fifth set of his body also Kangde Zhu, but the head is puzzled..."

Federer will face a red-hot iron

Federer spent two hours less than the Australians favorite eliminated, while Fernando Verdasco habitually lose the five World War II, winner Nikolay Davydenko, a model player the last six months. The model worker had not lost one, but he let rivals in 34 found a feeling of being wrenched the score is 2 to 2, today's Nikolay Davydenko have already extended their winning streak to 13 games, the state, such as a burn red iron, he could not afraid of anything in the world.

Federer finale of the quarter-finals

After the victory over Hewitt, Federer the last eight of the seats forward, everyone knows that he is the last of that one. 1 hour and 55 minutes, and the average of each set only allow opponents to get 3 Bureau's performance against Davydenko Federer's next opponent is a ominous sign, he do not write over the beginning of the game King of seriously, this model workers Zhou said that he is best in the world are most troublesome opponent after the next one does not know who is a headache.












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