Kooyong tournament swept the small German Tommy Haas

Known as the "Australian vane" of the Kooyong Classic in today's first race day of battle. The competition for the first time to participate in the small king of Serbia Novak Djokovic in straight sets 6-2 and 6-3 the score easily beat the golden boy of German Tommy Haas, successfully advance to the next one. NO.4 had just promoted to the Argentine teenager also two 6-3 win over veteran Ivan Ljubicic of Croatia made their first victory of the season.

The tournament competition system used in the first of eight players to catch on the athletic field, the victory of four will enter Sheng Zhezu fight for the championship, four losers Bai Zhezu further into the game, the same will be decided at the final winner, first unveiled war against the replacement by the Argentine teenager Federer participating veteran Ivan Ljubicic of Croatia. The first game was successfully broke up a Bureau of points obtained 3-0 lead, followed by the two respective insurance hair, won his serve in the smooth plate soon after the victory with the score 6-3 to obtain the first set victory. The second game was made an early break again advantage of the final score of 6-3, Zai-sheng 1, with a total score 2 to 0 victory over promotion rivals winning team.

after the match, said: "I now feel very good, apparently beat Federer at the U.S. makes my confidence has been greatly enhanced in the future I will continue to work the world's No. 1 goal."

The second game from the small kings Novak Djokovic of Serbia against Germany, "old golden boy," Haas for the first time to participate in the event of a small German one showing up on their own feel good the first game was at the 2nd Board obtained on the first break, and followed by winning his own serve to establish a 3-0 lead. They then issued their own security, the key section 8 Authority, the small German once again holding a three break points, Haas in the third break point there volley errors, the small break in Germany after the easily won the first set 6-2.

The second game was in a lot of fierce competition for the two men, each of the parties before the six Board BAOFA 3-3. The key section 8 Authority, a small German once again extract a one break point, successfully broke serve after the 5-3 lead into Game wins. 9 King of the success of the Serbian security bureau hair, eventually won the second set 6-3, with a total score 2 to 0 victory over promotion rivals winning group, the audience took just 57 minutes play.

Have carried out the next two games, was broken for the one-sided, last year's Australian Open semi-finalist Fernando Verdasco face the 2007 Australian Open runner-up Gonzales played a good game, the first game was the two previous 10 Bureau of war became a 5-5 level, the key to break subsequently acquired Fernando Verdasco 7-5 to win the first one, the second game was a handsome guy full access to the Spanish rhythm, and soon he was in a 6-1 Zai-sheng , with a total score 2 to 0 cut eligibility.

The last game from last year's French Open runner-up Robin Soderling against 2008 Australian Open runner-up Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, Soderling continued his new season slump, and soon lost the next two 6-7 (0) and 1 -6 losing opponent, following the Abuja sports competition, losing to Rafael Nadal, the first round of Chennai has been out three straight games after the swallow regret.





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