Federer match for "Model Workers" missed Qatar Tennis Finals

Is being held in Doha, Qatar Tennis Open 2010 ATP semi-final on the 8th usher in the Russian "model workers" Davidenko beat the Swiss, "kings", and Federer, will be on the 9th with Spain, "the king of clay," Nadal fight Champion.

The same day of the first game by a player Rafael Nadal against Troicki of Serbia. 2 performances ending tennis tournament in Abu Dhabi has won the first trophy of the New Year, "natto" in the race since the start of the new season continued a steady state in order to win the first game was 6-1. The second game was, by virtue of the Spaniards over 200 kilometers per hour and high-quality baseline ACE ball back to the ball to 6-3 Zai-sheng 1, the first final.

The next game, now men's tennis world number one Roger Federer against Davidenko. The previous rounds of the race win over opponents, "Federer" In this game the Russians encountered tenacious blocking, multiple opponents break. Last year, its debut on the ATP World Tour Finals Champion of the Davidenko eventually eliminated two Roger Federer 6-4, the final tournament twice nominated for the first time.

The Open is the opening will be held on the 18th of the Australian Open warm-up tournament prize money total of 102 million U.S. dollars,'s singles final will be held on the 9th.





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