Natto rate swept the Czech Republic 5-0 Spain

2009 Davis Cup final match between Spain and the Czech Republic will end. The total score Nadal to beat Hagic 6-4/6-3, 6-4/6-2 Ferrer with a total score sweep De Luxi. In the main, led by two singles, while Spain a 5-0 victory over the final opponent, winning the fourth in the history of the Davis Cup.

With Fernando Verdasco and Feiluopeizi win Saturday's doubles victory, playing at home ahead of the Spanish team has locked title. But in Sunday's game, is still not the effect, as the number one singles by Rafael Nadal. Market situation in the first game was a bit dull, the whole game was only the emergence of a break point, Nadal easily grasp the opportunity to end with a 6-3 head start. The second largest intraday trading came from behind to Hagic conducted a fierce counterattack, and twice to get the opportunity to break, but unfortunately the audience filling the Spaniards at home amid a row to defuse the crisis, to lock the whole match 6-4 victory in Spain Adds a sub-team.

Fifth race, the Spanish team continues to enable Ferrer, while the Czech team returned from the doubles champion De Luxi replace Tomas Berdych. The first game was at home fighting Ferrer came out on top, to 6-4 before the next city. Game entered the second set, De Luxi state of decline, losing trend against Ferrer to 6-2 sweep opponents. At this point the Spanish team to come to the challenges of the Czech Republic 5-0 sweep in the most perfect way of aspirations to the Davis Cup this season.

Nadal especially excited after winning. In last year's Davis Cup final in which he could not play because of injury, this time with teammates in person to win, the Spaniards said: "I now feel very bar, I have a good week of training effect, I do not have any problems, I have the confidence to meet the challenges of the 2010 season. "As for the Czech team, their competitive edge on clay, Nadal led Spain's obviously not as team players Tomas Berdych also said that the results well prepared," We can break into the final, is already a surprise. "









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