British genius only Grand Slam

From Western countries, the traditional Christmas has become increasingly near. However, tennis star Andy Murray has no intention to celebrate Christmas with his family. In order to realize their new season Grand Slam dream, the British number one men's singles has decided to give this year's Christmas, along with the coach to actively prepare for.

As a tennis's traditional power, the United Kingdom have been half a century with no chance of Grand Slam singles title. Since Fred - Perry, rule the roost at Wimbledon in 1936, after an England player would never reach the summit before the peak of Grand Slam tournament. The 22-year-old Murray in last year's U.S. Open despite the way the finals, and very best in this year's Wimbledon semi-final at home in front of, but in the semi-final Andy Roddick fell to the feet of the U.S. guns, after Murray failed to become a Since 1938, Henry - Austin into the Wimbledon final after the first local male players, Grand Slam dream once again abruptly put on hold.

Of course, the young Murray in the past two years, progress is obvious to all, continuous beat Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic, taking six highest single-season high, the maximum annual world ranking rose NO.2 ... Murray is only 22-year-old tennis talent no doubt.

"I have always felt that a tennis player in the 23-26 year-old can reach peak condition, so hope that next year I can have a good season," Murray said in an interview Thursday. "This year I have reached the height of the world and second, compared to last year, my state and the performance is more stable."

"Of course, rankings do not mean to win the Grand Slam for the Grand Slam is always easier to speak than done. But I firmly believe that next year will celebrate the impact of his first Grand Slam crown the best time."

"For tennis, winning the Grand Slam is the most important for me. Of course I know that it needs its own arduous efforts, irrespective of success or failure or not, I will do my best efforts to carry out training and competition." Murray went on to say .

Murray's coach Miles - Maike La Gan will be accompanied by the British along with training on Christmas, "There is no doubt, I certainly hope that in the new season, he can score even greater achievements, which is why I decided to give up Christmas the most important reason for training. The new season of the Australian Open in January next year, will be carried out, so I will keep in good condition through training, and actively put into the new season's first Grand Slam title contention among. "

Finally, Murray never forgot to show a little bit of his humor: "Christmas Day, only the coach Maike La Gan will be with me. Want to know, he's a mean guy there, so I can not sure whether to be too much of this year Multi-gift. "



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