Nadal and then swallow two straight games with negative model workers suffer

2009 big year-end ATP final day of the end of the fourth match against each other. World number two Rafael Nadal although the Spaniard, when the end of the race has erupted, but he was ultimately defeated in the tie-break in order to 1-6,6-7 (4) lost to "The Russian Model Workers "Nikolay Davydenko, once again missed the first 400 individuals but also brutally team wins two straight games. So far one does not get the Spanish kid has no hope of qualifying.

In the first round group stage, Nadal lost to Robin Soderling 0-2, 1-2 while Davydenko lost to Novak Djokovic. Rafael Nadal and Nikolay Davydenko have had seven previous encounters, although the overall record Nadal wins 3 losses on the four dominant, but merely on hard court or Nikolay Davydenko 3 wins and 1 leader. Also with Nadal's "dire straits" compared to Nikolay Davydenko in Kuala Lumpur and Shanghai, has recently won two trophies, of which Shanghai is the final in straight sets victory over Nadal, the Russian people are in addition Novak Djokovic of Recently, the best player outside the hand.

The first game was to issue opening Davydenko double-faults, was Nadal into just a deuce, but the Russians scored two minutes later, Paul made a successful. No. 2 Board Nikolay Davydenko Nadal backhand continuous oppression, which is too late to adjust the focus, Davydenko won 40-30 break point, Nadal net to bring the ball back to today, the first serve was broken, 0 -- 2 behind. Until the 4th Bureau personnel in a lovegame after Spain won the first game today, ,1-3. Council at a critical first six matches, Nadal was unable to sustain the first four good quarters of the state Bureau of self-contained, one up on the issue today, the first double fault, followed by fever feeling Davydenko out of winning back points, to 40 -- 0 won three break points, Nadal easily disarmed, Davydenko broke after the completion of Love also won in straight sets quarter of the Board serve W ,6-1, set a head start.

Davydenko took the first set is only 27 minutes to win, Yi Fa scoring rate to 87% of the Russian people leading Nadal 67%, two scores on the rate of hair Nikolay Davydenko was 44%, while Nadal is not even a sub - too, is zero. ACE, the four Nikolay Davydenko in mind that Nadal is only one mind.

The second set one up Nadal's serve on his face trouble, and good in the final scare, serve mutual insurance against the two sides after the 1-1 draw. 3 Bureau of the green Baiku the Spanish kid in his serve again hit crisis, for two consecutive break points for the game looks extremely thrilling, is still struggling after the win, Nadal was temporarily 2-1 lead. No. 3, a total of 10 for minutes played. Relative to a physical, Davydenko serve insured on a lot easier. No. 5 Board Nikolay Davydenko regained precedence break opportunities, Nadal back to serve the ball out of bounds behind the fall of ,2-3. No. 6 Board, on the verge of losing the edge of the world's second comeback, he has got two break points, Davydenko clear strategy to continue to attack Nadal backhand, "model workers" ultimate BAOFA ,4-2 lead. Section 8 Office Nadal in the other two first-serve points, followed by the use of a 23-shot 40-30 to get back and forth to break opportunities, Nikolay Davydenko at the expense ball Yi Fa scores, deuce, Nadal forehand return of serve pretty dodge , AD break kid the opportunity to come again to Spain before Davydenko back to the ball out of bounds, this is the first time today Nadal broke! 4-4, against the two sides of the plate to split. Nadal is very excited at this time, he has done to celebrate the classic look when the action is so excited! 9 Board Nadal acquire a portable fall-out of a points, Mallorca kid kept the mouth mutter prayers, apparently with the Board prior to a break the success of his status is refreshing, toss of the previous "boring" state, Nadal Teluk quarter ,5-4. Davydenko critical moment resisted the pressure to win the 10th Bureau, the two sides to form 5-5. Nadal, the 11th Board issued a double fault ,15-40 crises, Nadal back to the ball into the net was broken! 12 Board to obtain anti-break Nadal 40-15 chance, succeed! 6-6. They started to enter the tie-break, while Nikolay Davydenko issued a double fault, but Nadal his serve is also very entangled sub-and ultimately the Russians in order to get two match points, 6-4, Nadal powerless to 4-7 a small sub-defeated.

Competition took 1 hour and 47 minutes, Nadal is still missed her first 400 win.





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