Masters Cup and then the hard power card

2009 London Masters Cup Group A group match, world number eight players Fernando Verdasco of Spain in his Masters Cup "debut" at risk made the biggest upset, he and world number one Roger Federer won the first contest in the first plate. Although the final results less than satisfactory, but Fernando Verdasco in the strength of the hard ground is still not be underestimated.

Year-end ATP final can be said that this year's gathering the best-performing and stable players, the ultimate winner of the event is also known as a "champion of champions." Even more because it is a tournament last season, has pioneered the role, so no matter who they are highly valued game winner.

While Roddick injury to retire the sake of the world's ninth-ranked "Swedish baby face" Robin Soderling, but Fernando Verdasco still can not escape from "A group of the best food" label. Because Federer in the Masters Cup has been good fortune, it is even an early delineation of the A group qualifier to Roger Federer and Andy Murray in one person. Coupled with Fernando Verdasco results this season before the play, he first gives the impression that, "Ivanovic boyfriend", so passionate Spaniard looks handsome and even was once seen as a "vase."

In fact, Fernando Verdasco it is far from the minds of vulnerable people. Highly lethal forehand, regardless of speed, angle, rotation, or the placement of all excellent playing style is far from being "vase" is the name seems so gentle, Fernando Verdasco is a violent, storm-type bottom line player. Although they came from Spain, but the hard is his favorite, while the 2009 season, Fernando Verdasco is the hard to track wind and water. The beginning of the Australian Open, Fernando Verdasco fourth round of the World War II through the five Murray knocked the favorites until the last semi-final 2-3 loss to then world number one Rafael Nadal. Fernando Verdasco won the New Haven this year, is also a personal career, the first hard-champion. In the U.S. Open, Indian Wells Masters Series hardcourt tournament such a heavyweight, both reached the last eight, the final opponent is also a small loss to Germany, and Federer this heavyweight figure.

And Federer in today's contest, the first set Yifa Fernando Verdasco scoring rate up to 86%, and did not let Federer took a break point case, once given the opportunity to succeed himself three times, thus 6 -4 grab opportunities. Although the second set, bearing that in mind many times to defuse the crisis, but Fernando Verdasco, or until the top is not down 5-5 before. In any case, in this battle in 2 hours, Fernando Verdasco, or to demonstrate his impressive hard-grounding. Whether you believe it or not, in the finals of the arena, in fact, not the so-called weak.





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