London Festival of model workers: short-listed for five consecutive years

Davydenko missed because of injuries this year's Australian Open, but in the end he is still successful Masters Cup in London seats, which largely explained his strength and stability. This is the fifth consecutive year, Davydenko year-end Masters Cup finalists, despite a temporary farewell to the world ranking of his familiar TOP5 position, but the Masters tournament in Shanghai this year, he played an excellent time to remind people of whatever he is an absolute can not be ignored dangerous.

Nikolay Davydenko start to the season in India, Chennai in the second round to retire because of injuries, which affect our subsequent Australian Open. Next several months, Davydenko has been playing the stop-and, until into the mud season, despite a slight pick up after the results were in Barcelona and two races in Estoril rounded out the top four. French Open tournament, Nikolay Davydenko bravely rounded out the quarter-finals, but unfortunately lost to the then state outbreak hatchetman Robin Soderling of Sweden.

Wimbledon disappointing loss in the third round after the Czech Tomas Berdych, Davydenko comeback of the state began to show the trend in Hamburg, Germany races, he beat David Ferrer, and Matthew, who Zhai make up your own first time this season a singles title, from the Russian model workers out of control, a week after he beat Juan Carlos Ferrero in Croatia to complete the race, "back to back" and win.

Rogers Cup and Cincinnati Masters two stops Davydenko performance in general, it scored only a sub-quarter-finals results, followed by the U.S. Tennis Open, Davydenko lost again in the fourth round Robin Soderling, making their own this year, The results in the four Grand Slam seemed more bleak.

However, after the U.S. Open, Nikolay Davydenko began his outstanding play in the Malaysian Open, beating Robin Soderling in a row, and Fernando Verdasco to win again after such masters. In the next race in Shanghai Masters, Davydenko usher in this year's peak of their performance, semi-final victory over Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal win in the final again, get his weight this season, the heaviest one singles title.

At home at the Kremlin Cup, Davydenko lost to compatriot Marat Safin in the first round, followed by Valencia match, Davydenko rounded out the top four, but then lost to Mikhail Youzhny of another fellow. Nikolay Davydenko in Paris Masters 3rd round lost to Robin Soderling in the third round, but the advantage with points before, he successfully locked a seat on the London Masters Cup, the fifth consecutive year among the elite tournament.

Nikolay Davydenko this season, a total score of 53 wins 16 losses, but also his total of four singles titles in 2006, following the most extensive one since the harvest season. Nikolay Davydenko last year, not being optimistic rounded out the case of the Shanghai Masters Cup final, while still maintaining a low profile this year, he must have the desire to retain further.





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