3 to save match point Jinxian king mentality

During today's ATP1000 Masters BNP Paribas Masters men's singles first round matches, Russia's "tsar" Safin in the race issued by ACE recorded 24 goals, eventually deciding set, after saving three match points to 6-4,4 -- 6 and 7-6 (3) victory over French qualifier Exiaoni, difficult to reach the second round.

Paris be called a paradise for Marat Safin, before he had won the championship three times in here, this year he chose a career curtain call here as the land, but also make their own by the local fans and the media more attention. Safin's first round opponents are not strong, only one year younger than his current world ranking of Exiaoni only the first 168, even in the French peak of his career, Safin has also been easy to win the battle.

Marat Safin played the game start today, so smooth, the first game was not won on the successful charges too much trouble, the game was issued on 9 Marat Safin in mind ACE ball, Yi Fa scoring rate as high as 83%, demonstrate a good serve touch exhaustive. However, as far as fans have come to view the game has lost its suspense, the Exiaoni launched in the second set but a big hit back in the beginning of the French case was broken there is no confusion, mistake number of opportunities for the use of continuous Safin the completion of two anti-break, tenacious the total score tied.

The two men have drifted there have been some decline in physical strength, the two sides began to focus on protecting their own serve, Safin is still the most trusted weapon is his ACE ball, he was re-issued this disc 9 ACE ball, makes the most impression deep, in the 10th Bureau of opponents of this dish has won three break points, and match point opportunities, but Marat Safin has not panic, his mind at this time, it is very calm and eventually use three consecutive balls pretty ACE to defuse the crisis, people saw him as the kind of impeccable old world's first psychological qualities.

To a third set of looting 7, Safin has been completely suppressed opponents psychologically significantly enhanced the degree of focus he did not give our opponents any chance of ultimate success to win the game, making his last journey of a race can survive.





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