Austria Cup win over Melzer home for 21 years to break the curse Siric

Total prize money amounted to 650,000 euros ATP World Tour 250 race event is at Bank Austria-beam final day of a race competition. In the just concluded the men's singles final, tournament No. 7 seed, the local champion Melzer in straight sets 6-4 6-3 victory over wild card entry of the tournament's top seed, the Croatian teenager Siric get their own this season The first-cum-second career ATP singles titles, while breaking the race in 21 years the curse of the local players could not win.

Melzer had three years ago in Bucharest station won only one ATP career singles title, the current world rankings for the first 35, this semi-final game beating Serbia "glasses xia" Tipusalei Veatch. Siric in this year's tournament victory over Rafael Nadal in the net rounded out the final, displayed a very powerful strength, his top-seeded race in his capacity as a race, the former also maintained a four game losing records, two players have had a career record of three times clash, Siric in last year's Australian Open, the Queen's Cup and the New Haven tournament beating three opponents.

Today's game, the two start to enter the state are fast, each of the parties before the six Board BAOFA 3-3, 7, Bureau of Melzer saved two crucial break point, Board came 5 minutes turn up -4, 10 Bureau of Melzer in the other of the plate can not but serve the non-insurance in the first break point and inventory to get the chance, Siric readily forehand return the ball hanging net, Melzer broke to 6-4 before a successful win one.

The second set game, Melzer play very stable and did not let opponents get any break points, while playing near the baseline Siric but lost a lot of forehand, Melzer completed the first break, and the way in order to stay ahead of 5-3 lead into the other side's security can not serve, No. 9 Board Siric though has saved two match points, but his subsequent forehand return the ball well again, missed the bottom line, Melzer broke to the success of 6 -- 3 Zai-sheng 1, with a total score 2 to 0 victory over an enemy was the winner of this contest. A full match took 1 hour and 32 minutes.

This is the first one this season cum Melzer second career ATP singles title, his semi-final victory in 1995 has meant that he became Thomas - Thomas Muster of Austria after the finals rounded out the top local players, and today's Victory means that he became in 1988 Skov (Horst Skoff) after the first Austrian to win the championship tournament twice, Melzer broke the continuation of the successful 21-year curse.

Melzer said after the game: "I really can not find a suitable word to describe my feelings at this moment, I feel ecstatic to be here to win made me feel very proud."





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