Federer pointing its sword towards the Basel tournament four consecutive years

World No. 1 Roger Federer ambitious and pointing its sword towards his home race - the Basel tournament four consecutive years to brush discordant notes, there are more than 500 health experts wrote to the Swiss and asked him to retire.

The full name is David Basel tournament game, but Davidoff is the world's fourth-largest tobacco company, who ever since 1994 began sponsoring the event, even after the end of each race, men and women are from the caddy fee the hands of Handler Davidoff logo printed on receipt of the medal. Clearly, the events and Davidoff hook, so that advocates of anti-smoking campaigns is difficult to feel comfortable.

Switzerland's largest anti-smoking organizations, Pro Aere President Jürg Hurter in an interview said, "First of all, will be linked to sports and the tobacco itself is an absolute mistake; Secondly, the sponsorship of sporting events, are fundamentally for the tobacco companies to advertise their . "

Anti-smoking organizations OxyRomandie head Pascal Diethelm also expressed anxiety David game, "Last year, players on the all submerged in the Davidoff advertisement. Caddy who is now a potential smoking group, while the printed Davidoff logo invisible among the medals to lead the children in the future, to choose their Davidoff brand. "

With regard to the voices of the protesters, the tournament committee to respond, "do not sell an Davidoff cigarettes, they also buy a perfume and other things, I think we should have an overall concept, is very pleased to have sponsors such as Davidoff, we have there have been among the long-term success of the co-operation, I think this cooperation will continue. "At the same time, the Commission also denied the" European Sports "is because Davidoff reasons, before the end of the relevant co-operation and the Basel tournament. "Competition has been upgraded to ATP500 race, so we have an obligation to broadcast in the hands and the ATP in co-operation overseas broadcasting company, which is what we and the only reason for breaking up European sports."

In the effort has not been the support of the event organizers, more than 500 health experts sent a joint letter to Roger Federer, "If Federer can not participate in competitions, we will certainly sincere welcome, but we really can not predict each other's ideas, Although he is a good guy. "They also mentioned that if Federer insist on participating, then the hope that he will come forward to advise event organizers cut off, and everything associated with Davidoff.

Almost a "universal Idol" Federer will face the voices of the opponents for what to choose? He has served as caddy tournament in Basel, Basel, once made his childhood with the Wimbledon championship match to win is as important as the goal, even compared to recent years, he also hinted that the Paris Masters he also pay more attention to his hometown Basel event ... ... Dole race there also "reciprocated" not only Roger Federer won Wimbledon in 2003, his first career grand slam later gave him a 800 kg cow, also repairs this year, a new stadium was renamed after the "Federer Arena" ... ...

At press, Federer still did not give a response, which means that he will be according to the original plans to attend 2009 Basel tournament win four consecutive Albert.





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