Serena won the Grand Slam in addition to excitement

2009WTA end of the finals today, the curtain falls. In the women's singles final, Serena in straight sets 6-2 and 7-6 (4) victory over older sister Venus Williams, the sisters not only to win the first 23 times of civil war, but also advantage of the opportunity to get a second year-end personal

Finals champion. Serena after the match is very satisfied with their own in addition to scoring another Grand Slam championship finals, and I feel good Queen Serena also explains the reason out of Fed Cup final. Defeated Da-wei was not discouraged, she

Looking forward to the coming year can be best of luck.

Williams Grand Slam this year's performance is dazzling, won the Australian Open and Wimbledon champion, but in other Tour, Serena Williams had a length more backward in the results, in fact, this is also brooding Serena "Before I

Do not have access to other events outside of Grand Slam champions, so the finals of the championship so I am even more excited, and now the highest in the history of no other event can finally have ended. "In addition, the final victory for small

Viagra is more a pleasant surprise, "winning feeling great, I have not thought of before he came here to win the final of the championship." Final victory sister, though the score looks easy, but Serena did not dare to relax a little, "and Venus

The final was very difficult, even though her state is not the best, she will try to come back to each of the ball. "

Before the final, Serena has already announced he would quit after the start of the Confederations Cup final, which Williams explained, "I actually very much want to go play, but I do not think my body ready. This week's game too

Difficult, and now I have pain in the upper and lower body. I even consulted my parents, they are opposed to me to participate in the Confederations Cup, my friends have suggested I have a good rest. "

At the same time, the big-wai did not lose the final defeat attributed their injuries, "It's like I said, I feel every time 100% of the appearance, I have done the best." For Finals to retire

Chao, Tai Wei Tan made without much attention, "I was not concerned about each individual's injury problems, so I did not know what happened to them. I do not know when to retire them experiencing any problems." With

Viagra after a big sense of humor also joked, "For me the hope that their own throughout the year in 2010 can be perfectly healthy, and I hope good luck can be with me, and bad luck of others gave it."






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