Serena ecstasy harvest year-end No. 1

2009WTA end of the finals today to start the second matchday of the competition. In the Li group a focus of competition, the Williams sisters are working together to offer viewers another in a classic match between the sisters, Serena in the final 5-7,6-4 and 7-6 (4), breathtaking reversal of Da-wei won the Finals two straight. As Safina's retirement match, Serena advance to lock the first end of the year. Serena after the match that news excited, has been the first effort for the end of the year, she was finally ushered in the happy moments.

Williams sisters in the game before the start that Serena had to retire because of injury Safina, Dinara Safina, but she did not know whether it will withdraw from the finals after the event. In order to end first, even if the war is his other sister, Serena showed no mercy. "I've always said to myself, 'I want to be year-end No. 1.' So I raised the status of their own race. That Dina La opener to retire after the news I want to win, and if I can win a few games , then I can become a year-end No. 1. I do not know that she quit after the tournament, I just want to win most. "

To get the year-end No. 1, Serena Williams made their 09 season as a summary of the "2009 season was a memorable season, I enjoy my career, several major victory. Be able to get the year-end No. 1 for me to said it was a great achievement, I am very excited because it shows my efforts have paid off. "

In addition, WTA President Alaste Daoxi also to Serena, "I congratulate Serena to have a perfect year, she finally won the year-end No. 1 Ruyuan, for tennis, she was a great ambassador."

Of course, pairs of sister, Serena usual praise of some, "race a toss-up, the end of the third set she started to play the top level, I almost could only parry a force." Da-wei qualify things do not go after the two-game losing streak, but she was for today's game is still relatively satisfied with the "Today is a very close race, I am very likely to win the game playing for three hours, to the tie-break when I played some loose."





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