Europe's first sporting goods retailer, Jin Teda

4,000 square meters of large retail outlets, 65 kinds of sporting goods ... ... Europe's largest sporting goods retailer - Decathlon's first store in Tianjin, has entered the pre-opening phase will soon begin trial operation, the opening of Decathlon, which means TEDA Fashion Square, the further improvement of business functions.

Yesterday morning, the reporters came to Decathlon supermarkets, staff ongoing debugging and display of goods. In the store, the only members of the public common tennis, badminton, roller skating shoes, golf equipment, various types of sports apparel, sports shoes, as well as we usually rare equestrian, diving and other professional sports goods. Manager Ming told reporters in the Decathlon sporting goods supermarket, 80% of goods are own brand, but taking into account the client's needs, Decathlon will be selling some well-known sports brands such as Adidas , Nike and so forth. At present, the store where line skating, golf courses and other small-scale sports venues, the basic structures have been completed.

As a European first, the world's second sporting goods retailer - Decathlon entered the Chinese market from 1992 to the present, has been established in Shanghai, Nanjing, Tianjin, 10 manufacturing subsidiaries, and with more than 300 Chinese enterprises to establish of long-term relations of production subcontracting. Decathlon groups hope that by stationed in Tianjin, the concept of corporate campaign "to create passion and desire," to pass to more consumers in northern China.

Decathlon around the world has more than 400 stores in China more than 10 stores located in major cities. Decathlon Zhai Pei-chun, general manager of Hebei Province, said TEDA Decathlon store has organized more than a year, visited many places, finally felt that the most appropriate or TEDA Fashion Plaza. "And the other stores is different from Decathlon which will definitely not happen 'Do not touch the goods' such as banners, on the contrary, we encourage consumers to learn more about before making a purchase, contact commodities. In the stores outside, we have built a free basketball field, store, there are mini-golf course, roller skating, badminton court, equipment and so on a trial site, customers can experience all sorts of campaigns on the inside. "









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