Nadal against Ivan Ljubicic

2009 Shanghai Tennis Masters Cup will be entering the closing stages, resulting in today's men's singles quarter-finals after tomorrow, will enter the quarter-finals, and eight players will catch on the athletic field, competition for the semi-finals qualification. There was a men's doubles semi-final tomorrow will be staged.

Nikolay Davydenko (Russia) VS Radek Stepanek (Czech Republic) (Center Court 1st field)

Model workers and the Czech sportsman will be opened Shanghai Masters quarter-finals of the prelude, although not big stars, but the strength of this contest between players is quite desirable, what is the bottom line advantages of a strong model workers, or Stepan Within grams net and play better? Who will be the first semi-finals of the players? Let us wait and see.

Robin Soderling (Sweden) VS Philippines - Lopez (Spain) (Center Court 2nd field)

Both players are known for in order to serve, Robin Soderling in today's game just to 8 ACE Jo-Wilfried Tsonga defeated the French, Swedes in this year's game play is pretty good games start so far are quite smooth, while the Spaniards are almost always hard work, but he has shown amazing stamina.

Novak Djokovic (Serbia) VS Simon (France) (Center Court 3rd field)

As last year's Shanghai Masters Cup champion Novak Djokovic very confident that Shanghai is a paradise for him the game began, he's been quite confident and smooth customs clearance. Looks like he is here again won the European Cup. While Simon has also been in Shanghai, had a good performance, although the first half of season slump, but enter the end of the season, Simon seems to back the state, the French at the Qi Zhong Tennis Center can once again beat the top players, will depend on tomorrow's spot played.

Rafael Nadal (Spain) VS Ivan Ljubicic (Croatia) (Center Court 4th field)

In the absence of Federer, Roddick back injury cases, the organizers certainly hope that the small German and Rafael Nadal at the box office to secure the two joined forces in the final. As the final quarter-final match against Rafael Nadal to the challenge of veteran Ivan Ljubicic. Although the successive expedition will inevitably be the test of physical strength, but I believe the Spanish have a genius in the semi-finals last week, sailing lesson, the better the performance in Shanghai.





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