Marat Safin spoke highly of the public and Mao Xin ball style quite similar to Federer

2009 Shanghai Masters ATP1000 the first round of the race to continue to compete, in the center court last game, the wild card entry of Chinese players GONG Mao-Xin and soon retired Russian "tsar" Safin started fighting it, the results of Marat Safin After two fierce battle, or by virtue of better skill the ability to two 6-4 wins, smooth advance to the next one. Marat Safin after the game spoke highly of the local players GONG Mao-Xin, that his skills and play in the field and even Roger Federer is similar to that the 22-year-old Mao-Xin public should be able to have better results.

The face of former world number one, twice Grand Slam winner Marat Safin in today's game Kinshige Xin played a lot of fine single-lens reflex, high pressure, and even got a break bureau. Marat Safin that 22-year-old Mao-Xin public should be able to achieve better results, "he said of the play, and Roger is really like, he can hit the ball very quickly the horizon, in the court he knew what to do. Today's game He played very well, but unfortunately he is too inexperienced in. "Safin said.

Marat Safin retired this Masters is the last before the fourth game, even though his career has reached the last moment, Safin thirst for victory in the field is still strong, "Of course I win this competition, it is best able to take were down three games down to win. "

Ever since announced his retirement years, Marat Safin has repeatedly asked about retirement plans on the matter, today is no exception, which Safin given answer is: "I am now more want to enjoy the game, I would like to be retired as a a decent tennis player to be remembered. I chose, and I won, won the respect, it is best to remember people in both off the court is a level playing field for players, I think I have been in the field is to help others, I also want to be when people think that is a very good man. "

Safin still remember last year, planned to go hiking, so the Chinese fans play the banner on the pitch is "we want to stand with you the mountains!", Regardless of Shanghai or Beijing, Marat Safin fans will always be chasing the target, "Thank the fans, to thank them from the airport to the track on my affectionate!, "Safin said.





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