How to choose tennis shoes

The tennis court, you need to constantly move around, to start braking, almost one second have been closed to not live. If you are wearing a pair of tennis shoes will lead to inappropriate blisters, ankle and knee pain, affect your ability to move on the pitch. So how do you choose the right tennis shoes?

Here are a few shoes to note some of

Upper: upper is the upper part of the shoe, generally leather, imitation leather or synthetic materials. If you need an extra foot support, you can choose shoes that lace to the extension of shoes; they provide additional stability. When you try, make sure your upper contact between the dorsal foot is very comfortable and not too tight. If your toe often friction on the ground, you need a pair of reinforced toe area of shoes.

Insole: This is the location to place your feet, but also the least part of the technical content. In most cases it is removable, which allows you to use the old insole replaced by a new insole. You can also put an extra insole to increase the cushion and comfort.

Sandwich: Sandwich is the insole and the shoe between the outer layer of the end. Usually made of EVA foam or PU material, sometimes within the air or gel will be injected. Laminated cushion damping effect. Is difficult to predict when the interlayer fracture and stop working. However, according to common practice, 2 to 3 times a week frequency cause dissection in 5-6 months break. Those players in the field performance of the radical impact will bear additional mezzanine, thus shortening the life span. If your shoes feel like it just to follow you, as a buffer obvious sandwich may have been broken. It is time to consider a pair of new shoes.

Outsole: Here is the place where the ground contact with your shoes. Outside at the end of the design affect your grip on the court. Intensive "human" character style design patterns performed well in the soil court suits at the end of the design of staggered pattern to give you the best on hard ground grip. If your shoes are often bad, or you wear a lot of court time, then you need a sturdy outsole, it is best to find a pair of shoes there outsole warranty. If the outer end of the prescribed period is damaged, you can send them to the manufacturer, they will give you install a new outsole.

Heavy and light: Tennis shoes should weigh? Light well, but the emphasis has its advantages. The lighter the shoes, you can move faster. So why is almost always better than tennis shoes, running shoes weight? Tennis frequent startup and braking to make tennis shoes should have enough buffer right foot for additional support and a more solid outsole, which are to make tennis shoes have become even heavier. In this day and age, light implies more complimentary sense, while the weight and vice versa. Shoes manufacturers tell the public if their products are very heavy, then they will collapse soon. But just as I said before, weight has its benefits. A double shoes often have excellent stability and durability. The problem is you are willing to give you how much weight Socks. There is an interesting idea, but practical: to prepare a light layer of two pairs of shoes, training wear heavy shoes, game shoes, wear light. This method makes you feel good at the game, you will run faster. This method is reportedly used in long-distance running has been for many years.

Once on shore, after the ball, preferably in the evening, or to buy the shoes (foot usually after exercise or the end of the day when the expansion of 5% to 10%). And remember to wear socks, it is best to wear the kind of play. This will enable you to ensure accuracy when a pair of shoes.





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