Marat Safin: The end wants to fight with fans

Net Open in the second round to Marat Safin of Russia swept the intellectual artillery 6-3/6-4 Gonzalez, so Earned the victory dripping good mood after the match to Marat Safin, the race 12 is clearly remember Ace to help him the key to quick success, Safin also supported this view. Referred to the imminent end of 2009, that is, the Russians last year of his career, he said that the court has no career regrets, even if the state of exception this week, surprising, but Marat Safin also denied that this would allow him to remain in the re-initiation stadium idea.
Entering the final months of his career, after Safin struggled so far has been very hard against the top players in the game to gain advantage, but it Ciyi match with Gonzalez, he has occupied the absolute initiative, competition Marat Safin, after analysis of the key to winning: "I think the key to winning is to serve the other is the bottom line performance, which is critical in the race aspect, to know the opponent's serve is also very good, so race is not so easy. "Safin will play the next round of competition for a promotion eligible for Nadal, referring to a look of relaxed for this fight for the Russian Tsar:" I think the next game will be very hard, Rafael Nadal played the last two games have not easy, but know that he is a very good player, but since I'm still here, will continue its efforts to match I have to make good use of it be possible to see that win a little bit of hope. "

In the net after Safin's career only four races, as the top players in the free end of the season after another war hanging card, so the game against Nadal is likely to advance the world's first and last time before retiring from Grand Slam level opponents contest, Safin that there is no pressure of competition would allow him to completely immersed in the joy of tennis to bring: "Compared to the performance of a few months ago I now better, feel very comfortable at the stadium. in this showdown Nadal is definitely more promising than the party, I fully Shude Qi. There is no doubt that this game is definitely for me in recent months in a most important, I am just going to play tennis on their own can be a. "

Battle with Gonzalez let people actually see the 29-year-old Marat Safin also has impressive strength, with the top players in the showdown can still prevail, so wonderful performance would not let a new self-confidence Marat Safin regain the position in the tennis? May even change the retirement scheme? "Even playing well, but I do not think this game can change my career. Perhaps because soon to leave professional tennis, so the pressure on me than before the small lot on the court I do not have anything not afford to lose, and just stood there games, trying to win you can, and sometimes even assume that it is in training. "czar apparently go to Italy has been set, fans can only seize the last chance to get to enjoy.

As the history of the most talented player, one of the men, Marat Safin in his career has included two Grand Slam titles and world No. 1 and many other honors, but in retirement, and younger sister Dinara Safina had not won the Hall along with Chapman's Cup will some regrets? Embark on the venture of faith-based former world enjoy the first to deny this: "I do not think there is nothing to regret where I was, as always, this year in training, whether in the stadium or in the physical museum like this, the golf course I have also been working hard on playing the best standards. a few months ago I had the world ranking has reached the Top20, but later they lost points because of Wimbledon down, in fact, even with its current position to end my career, is also not too bad, right?! "

Safin popular everywhere in the network can be manifested in against Nadal before the Russian tsar once again thank everyone's support, and hope that the fans will continue: "We are pleased that so many people here to see me play, though today is the Thursday, 11 am, but there are a lot of people look at me on the pitch training, arena I also saw a lot of banners, as well as the Russian flag, and so I am really very grateful. I know of Rafah, there are many fans here, But that time I have to and my own people fought shoulder to shoulder. "





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