Yonex RDiS Series tennis rackets

The Yonex rackets in every corner of the ball have a sense of solid, thanks to a special YY racket technology. Used a lot of players will find this racket tennis ball in the bottom-line performance when perfect. TM found in actual test batting very solid, easy to put on the spin, spin, or whether it is the bottom line cutting are exceptionally stable, while the net volley just and accurate. Yonex racket design makes a special dessert racket expansion of the stability ball, this Yonex RDiS 100 Mid tennis player for more than 4.5 standard.

This fairly flexible Yonex tennis rackets for those who like to game-players is a good offensive option. If a consistent feature of YY tennis racket, which provides excellent control and sophisticated feel. 16 × 19 line of bed so that the bottom line can be easily shot put spin - whether it is on a rotation or cutting can be with a strong offensive, in particular, like to play powerful topspin player will feel even more powerful. Net and volley is very comfortable, even sweet zone can not cut out the depth and control, volley ball, that it was stable. Serve both the strength and rotation. The Yonex RDiS 300 tennis player for more than 4.0.









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