Prince tennis brand introduced

American tennis brand.
From a manufacturer of tennis machines start with the Tennis Racket professional sports-related development of the manufacturing sector, PRINCE has been established that he is one of the industry leaders. Movement in tennis, PRINCE innovation is the revolutionary "OVERSIZE" and "LONGBODY". Now, PRINCE has been on the tennis business expanded to clothing, shoes, clothing, accessories and so on.
PRINCE by sponsoring some of the elite of the movement to achieve the internationalization of the display. For example, Jennifer Capriati, Patrick Rafter and Martina Navratilova. Star in the Grand Slam success, so that people at the same time enhance the brand of tennis and PRINCE interest.
Until today. PRINCE Tour through sponsorship at all levels in the sport, still maintain a very high rate of appearance. With close integration of local plans, in order to provide a better opportunity to star.





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