Model workers win Road: beat 3 TOP5

During today's Masters Cup in London in 2009 the men's singles final, Russia's "model workers" Davydenko played exceptionally well, the final in straight sets 6-3, 6-4 victory over Argentine teenager get his first one year-end Masters Cup title. The following is the journey to championship Davydenko --

The first round: Nikolay Davydenko Novak Djokovic 1 to 2

First game was last year's Shanghai Masters Cup final in a repeat of the result Davydenko once again become the losing side in his bitter fight with three 6-3,4-6 and 5-7 after the tragic genius of Serbia Novak Djokovic reversed, encounter group opened the door black, also makes its own outlet seems very optimistic about the prospects.

The second round: Nikolay Davydenko Nadal 2 to 0

The face before the Shanghai Masters final to beat Nadal, Nikolay Davydenko once again demonstrated exceptional state, the bottom line of his sharp attacks on rivals struggling to defend the final in straight sets 6-1 and 7 -- 6 (4) victory over an enemy, not only to retain their own promotion hopes, but also to advance one Nadal was eliminated.

The third round: Nikolay Davydenko 2 to 1 Robin Soderling

Davydenko to face the final round qualifying win lose situation were eliminated, the results of his successful grasp of their own destiny, with two straight victories before the battle of Robin Soderling in three sets to Nikolay Davydenko had worked hard to 7-6 (4) ,4-6 and 6-3 victory over an enemy, which will eventually crowd out the advantages of an estimate on the same two straight victories in Novak Djokovic, a semi-final to secure the seat.

Semi-finals: Nikolay Davydenko 2 to 1 Federer

Nikolay Davydenko in the semi-finals harvested career so far the most significant victory, to face their own battle before 12 full-defeating Roger Federer, Nikolay Davydenko played a full match remarkably positive, lost the first two match pairs of Anti each won one, the deciding rubber Nikolay Davydenko at the last moment to seize the opportunity to complete a key break, eventually the score locked 7-5 victory. This is Davydenko recorded his first career victory over Federer, but also his second consecutive Masters Cup final cut.

Final: Nikolay Davydenko 2 to 0

Federer beat Nikolay Davydenko of confidence to be greatly enhanced in the final performance of his perfect face of the new U.S. Open champion Branch, Davydenko one up on the control of the court's initiative, a full match he did not let opponents to complete a second break and finally he defeated in straight sets 6-3, 6-4 opponent, was the first one career season-ending Masters Cup, which was also the heaviest weight he has thus far a title.


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